A Glass Company in Surrey Can Replace Sliding Glass Windows and Doors

Sliding glass windows or doors are wonderful fixtures to have in your home, especially if they open up to a balcony or garden. You can gaze at the outside world while indoors and feel like you’re one with nature. Sliding glass windows also provide more ventilation and natural lighting than regular windows because of their usual larger size.


The only possible, and common, problem homeowners may encounter with a sliding window is a leak. Leaks are possible during rainy weather, if window installation wasn’t that good or if the window itself wasn’t properly maintained. Sliding glass panels are based on a roller guide system with rollers, which aren’t tightly fit, meaning water could penetrate the threshold. Water that hits the window with force—such as heavy rains—can easily get through.

Temporary Fixes to Leaks

To find the location of a leak in a glass window or door, you can check the weather stripping, the doorjamb, the window frame, or the glass seal. A damaged weather stripping would automatically need replacing. The doorjamb or window frame should be checked for worn or damaged caulk, and a new caulk should be applied. Finally, the seal between the glass and the frame are expected to decay in time and a new application of window sealer would be advised.

Regular Checks

While leaks tend to be bothersome for homeowners with sliding glass windows or doors, this should not discourage you from having such fixtures installed. You only need to make sure you check them regularly or have a residential glass supplier repair them when necessary. A glass company in Surrey, BC such as M&M Glass can help with most cases of leaks and window repairs, particularly the major ones.

Repair and Replacement

Glass window repair and replacement are ideally done during dry season since it would be more difficult and costly during unpleasant weather. Homeowners who own sliding window or doors with glass in Surrey, BC should pay attention to their fixtures and get in touch with companies like M&M Glass immediately if they detect problems.

Sliding windows or doors are a wonderful add-on to any home, but maintenance must be done to ensure that homeowners do not encounter any problems. Should you find a problem with your sliding window or doors, have them repaired or replaced right away.

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