How to Choose the Right Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

If you get stuck with a bad shower enclosure, the whole tone of the bathroom can be thrown off.

If the enclosure is too big, your bathroom will feel cramped. If it’s too small, your bathroom will feel unnecessarily large.

These four tips that will help you choose the right enclose for your bathroom.

1. Plan Your Bathroom

Whether you’re remodeling the entire bathroom or just getting a new shower, you’ll need to know how much space you have to work with.

If you have a large bathroom, you’ll have a lot of different shower enclosure options to choose from. But if your bathroom is already tight, you may only be able to pick from a few different choices.

So take your time when you measure the bathroom. Find the spot you want to put the shower and measure it at least twice to make sure you have the right size. There’s nothing worse than buying a shower enclosure that’s just a little too big.

You’ll also want to spend some time researching the different kinds of enclosures. If you already know what kind of enclosure you want, you can put the rest of the bathroom together around it.

2. How Will the Shower be Used?

This may seem like a weird question, but figuring out how you will primarily use your shower can help you pick the right enclosure.

For example, do you want your shower to be a place you can spend some time relaxing at the end of the day? Or is it something you need to get done quickly in the morning?

If your goal is to take relaxing showers, you’ll probably want to get an enclosure that’s spacious and makes you feel comfortable. If you just shower to get clean, the looks won’t matter as much, and you can probably get by with something a little smaller and cheaper.

3. Who Will Use the Shower?

Some shower doors are heavier than others, so if you have young children who’ll be using the shower or elderly relatives, you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Shower enclosures with large sliding doors may be handy for children because it will provide easy access to the shower.

This may also affect where you decide to put the shower. If there will be a lot of people using it throughout the day, you’ll probably want to put it somewhere easily accessible.

This can be hard if your bathroom is already crowded, but installing an enclosure with a bifold door will keep the shower easy to use.

4. Think About What You Really Want

If you have a very specific look in mind for your enclosure, it may not match up with any of the options you’ll find out there. But you can always make an appointment with a professional glass company and see if they can make you a custom enclosure.

Getting the Right Shower Enclosure

As your planning out your new shower, take your time. Don’t rush the process and end up with something you don’t like. Look around at your options and think about how the enclosure will look with the rest of your bathroom. You’ll want it to match after all!

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