Popular Uses of Custom Mirrors in Home and Business

mirror wallWhere would you go if you wanted to buy a mirror for your home or business? Most people would head to a furniture or home decor store to look at their options. If you’re looking for something unique, then you might even step into an antique or thrift store!

But it’s not unusual to be unsatisfied after exploring all your options. That’s probably because none of those mirrors fit your needs and preferences perfectly. Sadly, that’s just the reality of pre-made mirrors. They’re designed in a certain way and you have to make them fit to your needs.

But what if you went the custom route? What if you could design your very own mirror exactly the way you wanted it to with almost limitless flexibility and customization? Now you can really get those ideas flowing! So to help you out, here are some of the most popular and unique uses of custom mirrors in both your home or workplace.

Make your rooms look bigger with wall-sized mirrors

Wall-sized mirrors can truly make a room look bigger than it really is. It gives off the illusion that your rooms are huge because of the reflection, and it even bounces light around which enhances the brightness and contrast of the room. However, they also have a number of practical uses in both homes and businesses.

A lot of people use large mirrors like this in places where they want to see themselves. For instance, it’s a great option for walk-in closets or bedrooms. Some people also enjoy them in living rooms and perhaps even bathrooms.

For businesses, full-sized custom mirrors are typically used in places like dance studios because you can see your own movements and poses. You can also make use of them in gyms, clothes stores, and even hair salons.

These large mirrors often need to be cut to size and are surprisingly simple to order. You just measure the height of your wall and it can be cut to the desired height that you want.

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Creating statement walls with oddly shaped mirrors

White wooden cabinet sink in bathroom with custom mirror

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Mirrors typically come in circular, oval, or rectangular shapes. This is because these are easy shapes to cut and are generally seen as the most usable and basic, meaning they can fit in almost any situation.

However, you can be a lot more expressive with custom mirrors that are oddly shaped. They could look like speech bubbles, the silhouette of a person, a rock, or even fun geometric patterns. They can have sharp edges to look clean and modern, or they can have curved edges to look soft and inviting.

To make these even more exciting and original, you can add lots of extras. For instance, a wooden or metal border around the mirror, or even lighting behind it for a simple diffused glow.

Decorative mirrors like this are often used purely for their artistic style and interesting shapes rather than for practical reasons. You’ll find them in high-end spas, hotel lobbies, or even photo studios. In the home, they’re often used for statement walls that you want to bring attention to.

These are almost exclusively custom mirrors as their shape and feel are generally quite specific. You can often find these types of mirrors from high-end designers and furniture stores, but if you’re looking to recreate a specific type of feeling or art piece, then it’s best to get these custom made.

Custom mirrors for specific repairs

Lastly, let’s talk a bit about custom mirrors that are intended to repair existing mirrors. There are often mirrors placed on items such as wardrobes or around unique decorative frames that are difficult to replace as it involves buying the entire item again. This might be feasible for smaller items, but for something large it can be too expensive. However, repairing the item by replacing just the mirror can be a great choice if it ends up being cheaper.

For example, perhaps your salon has a broken mirror that is fairly large. It’s difficult to replace since you don’t know the company that you originally bought it from, and the large size means you can’t just buy it from a vendor. However, if you look for a custom mirror service in Metro Vancouver, you could easily measure and get a replacement within just days.

Similarly, you might have a broken mirror on a wardrobe, or a decorative mirror with a unique shape in your bathroom. If those break, then it doesn’t make sense to buy the item again even if it’s available. It would be far cheaper and easier to just replace the mirror itself and have the item repaired by a specialist.

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