Check if You Need Glass Repair Services to Stop Air Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks in your Vancouver home can cause problems for you and your family. They could come as cold drafts blowing through the house when you’re keeping yourself warm, or as blasts of hot air while you’re busy staying cool in the middle of a warm Vancouver summer. They’re uncomfortable, not to mention, very costly as they can affect energy consumption in your home. When your electricity bills spike without apparent reason, something about your windows, doors, and skylights may need repair.

Check the Windows

If you suspect that you have an air leak somewhere in your house, you might want to start with the windows. Glass windows are particularly problematic if they are the cause of leaks. It can let the elements in, make your home unsecured, and drive down your energy efficiency. Check your windows for cracks, breaks, faulty framing, or damaged glazing. Carefully inspect each window in your home and note any damage on each. Don’t waste time and immediately call a glass repair company to fix the leak. If your house has outdated windows, you should consider replacing them to improve efficiency.

Inspect the Skylights

Skylights are a wonderful addition that lets in more natural light, but they won’t do any good if they’re damaged. Positioned above, they can cause water to leak into your home when it rains. If you see brown stains on the wall under the skylight, it’s an obvious sign that it’s letting out indoor air and letting in water. Inspect the skylights in your home and look for cracked glass or open seams between shingles. Simple repairs or a quick replacement of one pane can easily solve the problem.

Examine the Doors

If your home has glass doors, you should include them on your search for air leaks. Pay special attention to the main doors and the ones leading to a balcony or any outside area. Damage on these doors can be the largest source of air leaks in your house due to their size. Check the doors for cracks and worn out weatherstripping. The frames should also be examined for gaps and other types of damage.

When you eliminate all the sources of air leaks, your home will be a much better place to live in. Surrey glass repair companies like M&M Glass can help you address these problems.


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