Damaged RV Windshield: Have It Dealt With by a Glass Company at Once

The city of Surrey, B.C. offers a lot for people who love the outdoors. In particular, Welcome to BC lists some notable RV campgrounds: Tynehead RV Campground, Pacific Border RV Park, Peace Arch RV Park, and Dogwood Campgrounds. Each of them offers a great camping experience for the whole family.

Now, imagine you want to go RV camping but your RV’s windshield is cracked. Your best course of action is to have it repaired or replaced by a glass company, such as M&M Glass, at once so it will be ready for your camping trip.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Windshield Damage

Even the smallest crack or chip can compromise the integrity of the windshield, and when not dealt with right away, the damage may spread and cause you even bigger trouble. First of all, if the damage spreads or increases, the cost to have it repaired will be greater. You may even need to have the entire glass replaced if the damage has escalated beyond repair.

On a related note, the windshield also acts as a support to the vehicle’s roof. With a damaged windshield, the roof becomes more vulnerable to collapsing, especially when the vehicle is subjected to strong impact.

A damaged windshield could also get you in trouble with the traffic officers of Surrey, if they find that the damage obstructs your vision when driving – endangering you, your passengers, and other people on the road.

What to Do says that your first move should be to measure the damage. A crack that is less than 30 cm long, or a chip that is smaller than a quarter can typically be repaired. Look from inside the vehicle to see how it affects your view. If it doesn’t obscure your view, you may drive it to the glass shop so it can be repaired immediately.

If the damage is more severe than described above or it obscures your view, do not drive the vehicle, and have it towed to the glass repair shop or dealt with at the site, intead.

Other Reminders

Remember to protect the damaged area from dirt and water to minimize the chances of the damage getting worse. Temperature extremes may also worsen the damage, so park in the shade and don’t turn on the air conditioner at full blast.


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