Glass Repair in Vancouver: Reasons Why Glass May Break Spontaneously

There may be times when the glass on a home window would have cracks or would suddenly break for no reason. There is no magic here, as this is not as uncommon as homeowners in BC may think. In the past few years, there have been incidents of window and balcony glass suddenly breaking and falling from high-rise buildings, and this could happen at home as well. When this occurs in your home, you must contact a company that does glass repair in Vancouver region.

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Tempered Glass

Spontaneous glass breakage could be a result of surface damage or glass edge damage due to handling and glazing, but it could also be the end result of a procedure used to make the glass safer, such as in the case of tempered glass.

Tempered glass, which is used to make glass products, goes through a process that’s both beneficial and disadvantageous. When glass goes through the tempering process, it becomes up to five times stronger than standard annealed glass, making it a safer product. When this glass breaks, it typically shatters into small pieces instead of large ones. However, tempered glass is made under high pressure and the smallest scratch could cause it to break suddenly. Also, when the tempered glass is exposed to varying temperature levels, it may shatter on its own.

Laminated Glass

Homeowners who do not like the thought of sudden glass breakage in their homes may go for alternatives, such as laminated glass. Laminated glass does not break easily, and instead of shattering into many pieces, the glass stays as is with cracks intact. This is again due to its manufacturing process: two layers of glass bonded to the plastic sheet between them. Laminate glass is of higher cost but its safety can give homeowners a peace of mind.

Spontaneous glass breakage is not the result of magic, and may be caused by a number of reasons. Homeowners need not worry, though, as spontaneous shatters don’t really happen that often. When it does, the important thing is for them to not panic and risk injuring themselves, and to call for glass repair in Surrey, Langley, and Fraser Valley with companies like M&M Glass, which has been doing glass replacement and repairs for over 30 years.


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