How a Vancouver Glass Company can Help Create a Productive Workspace

Employers and managers are responsible for ensuring high productivity among the workers, which may be achieved in a functional workspace. Data from the National Research Council of Canada states that every improvement in the employees’ work environment, no matter how minute, can already contribute to major increases in their productivity.

Adequate Temperature

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recommends office temperatures to keep within the range of 21 to 23 degrees Celsius (69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit), only for a comfortable breathing space. Taken into consideration in this standard recommendations are the various effects of every estimated temperature on both sedentary and active personnel. For example, setting the airconditioning temperature at 18 degrees Celsius may be normal to mobile employees, however, this will leave sedentary office workers shivering in their seats.

More Windows

Meanwhile, a study from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that workers with adequate daylight in their stations have 46 minutes longer and sounder sleep than those in windowless areas. The researchers explained that sleep quality has overall effects on the employee’s cognitive ability, physical health, and mood interactions, that also affect productivity. For this reason, the authors suggested that new commercial buildings be designed with more exposure to natural light, which can be achieved through installation of glass panels, such as those provided by a glass company in Vancouver.

Air Quality

Sick building syndrome is a health illness normally caught by office workers, which involves fatigue, headaches, dizziness or nausea, sinus congestion and coughing. These conditions, which reduce work performance, are caused by various kinds of indoor pollutants such as dirt, allergens, chemicals from furniture and equipment, and even particles from photocopying machines. To counteract these symptoms, experts advise individuals, who work mostly indoors, to go outside during breaks or lunch.

Office Layout

Sound-absorbing materials with sufficient lighting and an open design constitute an effective work environment. The setup of an employee’s workstation must also have the monitor placed at eye level with the height of the chair. Furthermore, glass panels are also desirable options for an acoustical surrounding.

Current office furniture and components may require simple and quick fixes, too, such as malfunctioning toilet drains or clogged bathroom sinks. Broken windows that are beyond repair, meanwhile, are best handled by a Surrey glass replacement company like M&M Glass for guaranteed positive results.


You’re Losing Sleep Just by Working in a Windowless Cubicle.

How to create a productive, healthy workspace.

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