M&M Glass: Researching the Most Innovative Products for Your Benefit

At M&M Glass, we strive to provide our customers with innovative and reliable products as well as excellent service. This year, we have been looking into the advances in the window and skylight manufacturing industries, and we are really excited to see some of the emerging products! From energy efficiency to automation, the windows and skylights of the near future are quite intriguing.

Solar Technology in Glazing

Solar power has been widely explored for home use in the recent years, and technologies that harness this sustainable energy is now revolutionizing one of our lines of business. In particular, we are pleased to see the entry of solar technology into the glazing industry. Researchers are currently developing transparent solar panels that can be added on top of windows to collect solar energy, which can then be stored for everyday usage. (Michigan State University, 2015)

Similarly, manufacturers have also developed skylights that collect solar energy. The power gathered by the skylight will allow it to be opened and closed by remote control. The energy may also be used to operate built-in skylight blinds via remote, so it can be adjusted based on the user’s preferences. (Velux, 2015)

Self-Glazing/Frosting Windows

We are also looking forward to the entry of self-glazing/frosting windows into the industry. This groundbreaking technology allows users to change transparent glass to fully glazed or frosted glass with the click of a button. Imagine: 100% privacy whenever you want it without having to exert much effort!

Correspondingly, we are also pleased to see the introduction of sunlight-responsive windows. These smart windows will tint and untint depending on the degree of sunlight. These self-tinting windows will help home owners and businesses reduce heat from their windows as well as reduce glare. Aside from enhancing comfort, this may also help in improving the energy efficiency of heating and cooling the building. Other options include the ability to control window tint by remote control. (Innovative Glass Corp, 2015)

M&M Glass continuously researches the most innovative products for your benefit. We hope to offer these products to our customers in Greater Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland Region soon. Stay updated with us, and find out about our latest products by calling (604) 588-7227.

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