Protecting Glass Windows: Watch Out for these Causes of Window Damage

The windows in your house, in the most basic sense, perform a protective function—they let light and breeze in, while serving as an effective barrier to the extremes of temperature and the elements. They also help maintain the temperature inside the house.

Protecting Glass Windows

If the windows are damaged, you can expect that they won’t perform these protective functions as well as they should; they can even compromise the safety of the occupants in the house. When you take care of your windows, you can expect them to serve you long, so it helps to be aware of potential causes of damage to your windows.


British Columbia has varied climate zones, and the city of Surrey, being in a coastal temperate rainforest zone, takes on a much milder climate compared to other parts of Canada. However, the seasonal changes from bitter cold to wet, rainy days to blistering summers can still take a toll on the parts of your house, including your windows. You’d want to check your windows for signs of damage after heavy rainfalls and winter’s ice formations, and the constant humidity during the summer days.

“Flying” Objects

When your children play ball, have them play a good distance from the house. Still, if a glass gets broken, it’s smart to address the issue without delay and call a glass company to have the part replaced right away.

Breaking and Entering

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reported that there have been 532 cases of residential breaking and entering in Surrey for the first quarter of 2015. For burglars, the window seems to be their easiest means of access; if they are in a hurry, and have no fear whether there are occupants inside the house or not, they just break the glass.

Bird Collision

Birds can’t see glass so it’s not uncommon for these creatures to fly into glass, or collide with the windows. This happens even more frequently when the house has an upper floor.


The component materials of your windows naturally deteriorate with age. Even with good maintenance, windows of more than 10 years will require more care, or replacement.

Damage prevention and maintenance are always your best move to get things to last. As damage and wear-and-tear are unavoidable, at some point you’ll need to know you must call for repairs or replacement of your windows. Contact a trusted glass contractor like M&M Glass in Surrey, for repair or advice on replacements.


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