Repair or Replace: Know When to Call Vancouver Glass Repair Services

Windows are one of the more vulnerable parts of a home. A stray soccer ball or tree branch can easily have you looking online for someone who can do glass repair for Vancouver homes. There are times, however, when calling for a repairman is not the obvious choice. Here are a few situations where you may want to call in the professionals.

Replace your Windows

Drafty Windows

Even closed windows let some air in, but if there’s a noticeable draft coming from a window, then that’s a bad sign. Windows often develop drafts over time because of various factors. For example, wooden windows can become warped the longer they are exposed to moisture. This warping can end up causing gaps in the frame that will let in the air. It may seem like a slight inconvenience but a draft can seriously disrupt the temperature inside your home, which compels your HVAC system to start working harder. This situation often leads to an uncomfortable house and higher energy bills.

Though it is possible to apply weather stripping as a stopgap measure against drafts, a full window replacement is possibly your best choice. Not to worry though; reliable Surrey glass repair services like M&M Glass can do window replacements too.

Rotted and Rusty Frames

Take a look around your window frames, especially outside. Wooden frames are especially susceptible to rot, more so when they are exposed to wet and humid weather. It may not even be the weather; having your sprinklers blasting regularly near your windows could lead to rotting frames. The same goes for metal window frames, though this time it is rust that can do the damage. A regular inspection should reveal whether you need to have your window frames replaced. The damage could be hidden though; if you are having a hard time opening or closing windows, then there is a chance that the hinges have rusted or rotted.

Condensation in Your Window Panes

Another time to seek repairs or replacement is when you start to see condensation inside your window panes. This is no problem for single-glaze windows, but for double-glaze ones this means trouble. This is because double glazed windows are actually two panes of glass with a space between them. The air inside this space, usually around 16 to 19 millimeters wide, provides additional insulation and it usually sealed in so that no moisture can enter. When condensation appears inside of the pane, then this means that the seal is broken; this reduces the insulation ability of the window. Have it replaced to restore the window’s insulating capacity.

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