Repair or Replace Your Home’s Window: Consult with a Glass Company

A strong storm or random stray objects can easily result in a broken window. Surrey residents who have this happen to them are faced with a decision whether to repair the window or to completely replace it. Depending on the circumstance and severity of the damage, you’ll have to pick one of these options. Here’s some background on both choices so that you can make an informed decision.

Cross Section Of A Pvc Window


The repair option is often the smarter option. A full replacement can require a lot of work and even an expert glass company will need some time to get it done properly. Choosing to repair is a good choice, however, it’s only available if the damage isn’t severe. For example, if you have a rotting window frame, check if these are only small patches; a repairman can patch these up with some epoxy. Another thing to think about is broken glass.

Broken panes may seem to require a replacement but it depends on the window type. If your window is one of those affordable vinyl windows, then you can replace it without any worries. A problem comes up if your window is one of the more expensive types, like multi-pane windows that can cost up $500.

A lot of people assume broken glass can’t be repaired, but the more expensive glass types are often tougher than your normal glass; they won’t be totally shattered and the multiple panes that are involved in their construction can often let you have one pane exchanged for a fresh one, which results in a window that’s good as new. A professional repairman can do this with a minimum of fuss.


A full-on glass window replacement takes everything out, frame and all, and put in a new one. One of the advantages of a replacement is that you can change a lot of things. For example, you’ve always wanted a different window or that you’ve decided that you want one that’s more energy efficient. You can take this chance to implement these changes. Consult with your window repairman to consider what changes can be made.

Whether it’s a replacement or a repair, a damaged window presents you with an opportunity. Use it to get the window that you want for your home with the help of professionals like M&M Glass.


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