See M&M Glass through the Looking-Glass, Who We Are and What We Do

Some experts in psychology believe that the concept of “who you are” is a reflection of what you think of yourself and what society perceives of you. These two ideas won’t always be the same, but they can have similarities or unique traits that combine to show a comprehensive picture of yourself. The looking-glass analogy quite craftily represents this concept, since what you see in the mirror can either be the same or just slightly different from what others see.

The same concept may be applied in determining who a company is and what they do. A business may see themselves as an authority in their industry, while customers and competitors perceive them as a respected establishment. A company may offer quality services, while for its customers, those services are actually seen as being for their benefit.

At M&M Glass, we just love how our line of business allows us to grasp these perspectives clearly. We have a passion for glass services and show that passion in how we market our brand, which enabled us to last in the industry for decades. Throughout that time, we have been the choice company of homeowners and commercial property managers alike in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver areas.

Our History

Established in 1972 by Dennis Moore, M&M Glass operated in two locations, Surrey and Maple Ridge. At first, the company specialized primarily in automotive glass. In 1982, Scott Saxton joined M&M Glass as a junior Glazer and later on, his brother, Darren Saxton, joined the company, too. It was during 1987 that Scott bought M&M Glass and signed his brother on as a business partner.

The path of M&M Glass changed under the ownership of the Saxtons. From an auto glass service shop, we became a residential and commercial glass service provider. Since that time, we have done business with several large restoration companies across Metro Vancouver. The business has evolved overtime and has become well known for the relationships built with customers and the quality of services provided.

At present, we continue to cater to the needs of the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver areas. We provide maintenance, restorations, and replacements for window glass, stained glass, mirrors, shower doors, enclosures, and other glass installations. Get in touch with our representative at (604) 588-7227 to know more about the company or our services.

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