Surrey Glass Repair Services Can Help in Fixing Up a Vintage Home

There’s a certain charm to old houses which captivate enthusiasts all around the world. That appeal, however, must always be taken with a grain of salt. Homes over 100 years old were built back when there were no building codes, which makes their structural integrity pretty questionable.


If you’re looking for an older home with the intention of restoring and living in it, you have to watch out for likely structural defects, especially in one that hasn’t seen significant restoration work in the past. As a property ages, replacement and repair jobs can pile one on top of another, and can easily catch you unaware. If you identify these needs immediately, you can save yourself from a world of trouble down the road. Here are a few common issues to look out for.

Foundation And Structural Issues – One of the most basic issues involves the foundations, especially the parts that aren’t readily visible. Soil issues surrounding the entire property should be an utmost concern. For instance, an old home in an area prone to landslides can mean a constant need for repairs. There’s also the issue of “foundation movements” to watch out for.

Leaks – Aside from uninsulated walls, the most likely culprits for leaks in old homes include cracked and drafty window frames and sub-par windows, which a specialist from Metro Vancouver glass repair firms like M&M Glass can help you with. Aside from faulty windows, you’ll also have to watch out for door gaps and uninsulated outlets, which can easily amplify your power bill to ridiculous levels in a very short time. Identifying leaks is as easy as grabbing an infrared thermometer and searching for unusually cold spots around the house.

Electrical Wiring Kinks – Compared to modern wiring, wiring in aged homes differ in numerous ways. For instance, old electrical boxes were typically between 60 to 100 amperes; nowadays, the standard is 200 amperes. Wiring in old homes is also typically not grounded, which can be identified with one simple visual clue: two prongs on outlets instead of three. Have this sorted out to prevent electrical mishaps.

Moisture And Drainage Issues – Faulty drainage is one of the main causes of dry rot, major structural damage, and the dreaded toxic mold. You can search for evidence of moisture and drainage problems by looking for these indicators: moisture stains around the ceiling, walls, or windows; a badly worn roof; and water puddles under or near the foundation.

An old home can give you what you want, provided you know what to fix up. Fortunately, professional services as provided by a Surrey glass repair company can be relied on to get that charming vintage home of your dreams attuned to present needs.

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