Surrey Glass Shop Ensures Your Office Building Gets Light and Heat

Offices don’t have to be grim and sterile. A local mirror and glass shop in Surrey like M&M Glass would be able to help greatly in making your office building be a better place for your employees and help with your bottom line. Here are a few things that can be installed in your building to improve it.

Double Glazing


If your office is on the top floor or is in the loft style, installing a skylight would be an excellent option to improve the morale of the workers. Letting the sunshine in via a skylight has several benefits that should encourage you to hire Surrey, BC commercial glass experts to put one on your roof.

First, skylights can significantly lower your electricity bill. The natural light provided by openings in your roof can provide enough illumination for your people to work by until the evening. Second, your employees can get all the health benefits of sunlight. A person’s skin naturally produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so a skylight can ensure that everyone in your company gets the right amount, boosting their immune system. Additionally, sunlight is a natural disinfectant that inhibits mold and fungal growth. Third, sunlight improves the visual appeal of your work environment. This can make people feel better while they work and improve their productivity.

Glass Partitions and Doors

The open office design has become a popular trend in businesses nowadays. Aimed at encouraging a more transparent office atmosphere, open offices usually have none of the obscuring walls and enclosing cubicles of the traditional office. You’ll still need, however, to section off spaces in your workspace. This is where glass partitions and doors come in. More affordable than a traditional wall and door, they let light pass through easily. They also happen to look great, giving your office a corporate look that’s modern and confident.

Double-glazed Windows

Office windows need to be particularly tough. Double glazing them is a good option, both in terms of efficiency and durability. This is done by having two panes of glass with a space between them, usually around 16 to 19 millimeters. The space provides insulation for the window and greatly helps with your energy bill. Expect lower heating bills with double-glazed windows since they can reduce the heat loss in your office by around 60%. Additionally, these types of windows are very hard to break, from both sides. This ensures employee safety and reduces your repair bills.

Glass services and improved glass product replacement can do a lot for your office. Take advantage of all that they can do to get your money’s worth.

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