Window Glass Repair Might Be Needed for Surrey and Vancouver Homes

Is your home, particularly your windows, ready for another onslaught of storms? Weather experts warn that there’s no immediate end in sight for strong winds and rains in the Surrey and Metro Vancouver areas.

Rain water drops on windows glass

Weather Forecasts

Last August, a fierce wind storm swept throughout areas in the southern British Columbia, which not only posed a threat of damage among homeowners, but also toppled trees, knocked down power lines, and left over half a million BC Hydro customers without power. Environment Canada, meanwhile, warned that heavy rains may continue as three months of unrelenting hot and dry conditions came to a halt.

The City of Vancouver reported that the impacts of these storms include property damage, as trees and debris have fallen on most homes. Even public facilities in the area, along with community centres, were briefly closed due to high winds and power outages. These storms might have subsided for a while, but there’s no knowing when the bad weather will damage your home.

Window Damage

Storms as powerful as the ones experienced in the southern British Columbia area can cause significant damage to homes, especially to the windows. Some homeowners might have even taken steps to prevent such damage to their windows by installing protective storm shutters and plywood covers. Unfortunately, even with these additions, windows can still get damaged or cracked, particularly when your home gets hit by high winds.

Upon seeing any sign of window damage, you need to repair or replace the glass right away, as even the smallest cracks can develop into a big safety hazard for everyone at home.

Choices for Window Glass

A quick remedy for broken or shattered window glass is to have them boarded up until you can have them repaired or replaced. If the damage can be repaired, do so by seeking help from glass repair service providers in Surrey and around Vancouver, such as M&M Glass.

If the damage in your window’s glass is beyond repair, you can go for impact-resistant glass as a replacement. This type of glass is specifically designed to resist wind pressure and damage from fragments. Impact-resistant glass will stay intact even in the face of flying debris, ensuring that your home would remain safe as the next storm comes.


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